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Woodbridge Admissions Advisors is a division of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group  and is in partnership with Ivy League Admissions Advisors and Private School Admissions Advisors.  Our Woodbridge offices are located on 245 Amity Road, Suite 203, in Woodbridge, CT, at the corner of Amity and Bradley Rds, in the 245 Amity Office and Retail Complex.

Woodbridge Admissions Advisors assist students and families through the complex, competitive and anxiety-ridden college admissions process.  We help families who live in Woodbridge, Bethany, Orange, Cheshire, Westville, Hamden, Wallingford, and surrounding New Haven communities; and Hartford County:  Simsbury, Avon, Farmington, West Simsbury, and West Hartford.

Woodbridge Admissions Advisors insures that each student-client receives our undivided attention, personalized private counseling and cutting-edge knowledge.

We spend 100 percent of our time on college admissions planning and or application assistance with each client.

We meet with clients after school, evenings, weekends or during school vacations. Can your child's guidance counselor or college counselor (private schools) do that?


1.  The U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics reported that, on average, public high school guidance counselors spent only 22 percent of their time on college admissions and selection!

2.  The National Association for College Admissions Counseling survey reported that high school guidance counselors have an average caseload of 125 to as high as 500 students, making them unable to provide adequate college guidance.

3.  A recent poll reports two-thirds of young adults said their school counselor was of little help finding the right college.

4. With the heavy workload of most high school counselors, few know their students well or have the time to provide the undivided attention needed in this vital process.  School systems (even in suburban towns) burden counselors with many duties unrelated to college counseling.

5. When parents call us for college admissions advice, here are some comments we hear from parents:

  • The counselor has too many assigned students and doesn't have the time.
  • The counselor doesn't even know my child.
  • The counselor's college choices are very different from my child's.
  • The counselor discourages my child from applying to certain colleges.
  • The counselor is only familiar with in-state and nearby colleges.
  • The counselor has a handful of colleges she recommends.
  • The counselor doesn't get along with my child.
  • The counselor has limited knowledge about Ivy League and highly selective and competitive schools.
  • The counselor is new and or inexperienced.

We certainly don't want to minimize the fine work that many high school guidance/college counselors perform.  However, problems perceived by parents and students arise as a result of the combination of:

  • Too many students - public high school counselors have an average: caseload of 125 to 500 students.
  • Too many students - private high school college counselors have an average: caseload of 30 to 100.
  • Too many responsibilities - counselors are overwhelmed with multiple responsibilities.
  • Inexperience - counselors do not have college admissions experience nor have the time to visit colleges.
  • Use of a one-size-fits-all computer program and simple worksheets to navigate the admissions process.
  • Other non-academic counseling - testing, attendance, occupational choices and disciplinary issues.
  • Other non-academic counseling - scheduling, crisis counseling, absenteeism and family-services referrals.  
  • Too little time! - counselors do not have the time to provide adequate college advice to all students.

6.  Even in private schools, we have discovered a need for our expert college admissions advisory services!

7.  Home Consultation Visits: High school guidance counselors don't provide home consultation visits.  We provide in-home, private, and one-on-one consultations. | Flexibilty: We schedule consultations around your hectic and busy lifestyle. | 7 days a week,    Evenings and weekends! 

Do you want the best educational and college admissions advice for your child?

At Woodbridge Admissions Advisors, by providing RESULTS, we are the key to your child's SUCCESS!

Year after year, our firm has a 97% or better acceptance rate!

What's the secret behind our clients' acceptance rate? Our KNOWLEDGE!

We KNOW what you don't KNOW!



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Private School Admissions:  Woodbridge Admissions Advisors, in partnership with Private School Admissions Advisors, also provides private school admissions counseling and placement to assist families who live in New Haven and Hartford Counties.

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